John Shanahan has been writing, producing, and performing comedy for radio, theatre, and television since the early '80s (without making a dime off of it, which may be a world record). He produced 27 episodes of Well I'll Be Damned for The Morning Show with Ron Nelson Peterson on WMSX radio in Brockton, Massachusetts. (He was shooting for 30, but the nemployment people started to get all pushy about the whole "finding work" thing-- and besides, he kept getting distracted by monster truck pulls on ESPN2.) Outside of comedy, John is also a published author of fantasy and dark fiction (which is a nice upside to the court-ordered "creative therapy"). His oeuvre (French for "egg") can be found at his Web site, John gladly welcomes all offers of work in the New England/New York area doing voiceovers or writing scripts or copy--in short, anything that involves getting paid handsomely for being damnably clever.

John's Funniest Episodes:

Shanahan's Law

Ruboslavian Tale

Dwarfs For Dinner

Ear Wax Saves Lives

Head Cheese?

There once was a man from...




More to come soon!

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